A couple of nights ago, right after sundown, I was out in my yard and heard the yipping of a pack of coyotes in the woods beside my home. We have a nice, 6-foot fence, so they did not worry me and I find their distinguishing call to be kind of cute – at least when I know they cannot get to me. 

Coyotes, like wolves, and many others of their genus, hunt in packs. 

The idea of “pack mentality” has a negative connotation in this day and age – and rightfully so. Wikipedia has this to say, “Herd mentality, mob mentality and pack mentality, also lesser known as gang mentality, describes how people can be influenced by their peers to adopt certain behaviors on a largely emotional, rather than rational, basis.” Throughout man’s history pack mentality has been a factor in many instances of mankind acting badly. 

Pack mentality led to many of the sinful behaviors of Israel in the wilderness. For example, Aaron gave into pack mentality when he forged the golden calf. [Exodus 32:1-6]  Pack mentality was at work in the failed plan to go back to Egypt. [Number 14:1-4] A pack mentality, based on fear and nay-saying, lead the people of Israel to refuse to enter the promised and then to try to enter the Promised Land when God had warned them not to go. [Exodus 14:1-23 and 39-45] Pack mentality provoked each incident and led to disastrous consequences.

Pack mentality almost got Jesus stoned. [John 10:31-39] Pack mentality DID get Him crucified. [Mark 15:11-13] I believe pack mentality was also in play when the crowd was provoked to stone Stephen. [Acts 6:5-8:2

One of my “signature” phrases is something I picked up in my training as a Mary Kay sales person: “speed of the leader = speed of the pack.” In other words, in any family, church, organization, team or just group of friends, the leader determines how fast, how far and in what direction the pack travels. Pack mentality requires a pack leader to either stir it up, fuel the frenzy, or to put a stop to it. 

If you saw the movie Alpha, you saw the Hollywood vision of early man’s first domestication of a wolf. Keda, a young Cro-Magnon man, turned a wolf into the first ever “man’s best friend.” In the movie, Keda was the Alpha, not the wolf.

Jesus, among His many roles, is our Alpha. [Rev. 1:8, 11; 21:6; 22:13] The leader, the beginning, the head – of His body, His church and of each of us, individually. He sets the example. He leads the flock. And, by the in-dwelling of the Holy Spirit, guides the direction of each of our lives.

Sisters, we are also called to lead the various “packs” we are a part of. Hebrews 10:24 [KJV] And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works: The Greek word translated “provoke” in the King James version means “incitement.”

God is asking us to stir people up, to create a pack mentality, but for good. Further, this scripture does not call for only the ordained, the leadership, or the ministry to incite the people. This scripture calls each of us to be the provoker of love and good works.

Remember: speed of the leader = speed of the pack. So, if you are part of a pack (a fellowship group, Bible study group or organized church) that is currently doing the spiritual equivalent of sunning themselves on a rock, or snoozing in the shade, or chasing after “every wind of doctrine” instead of doing the work of God, you might consider what leader they are actually following. Please don’t follow that leader. 

Instead, sweet sisters, be a part of the true Alpha’s pack. He would have you speeding toward the Kingdom – running with a pack of “doers.” Follow Jesus, who, through the inspired word of God encourages you to go ahead and stir up a crowd to show love in action. Incite a riot of faith. Create a pack mentality for good works. In this way, you also become a leader of the pack – one that you know is heading in the right direction because you are following Jesus.

The speed of the Leader is the speed of the pack.  Follow THE Alpha and stir up others to do the same.

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