Does that make any sense? No, of course not. It makes no sense for very many reasons. However, today’s blog is brought to you by inspiration that started with today’s lesson from the Beth Moore Study of Esther and a meme posted on Facebook by my brother the atheist. The feeling that this is what I need to write about is so strong that I’m putting off the “Acrylic Nail Religion” blog until next week.

When Mordecai and the other Jews in Persia heard that they were condemned, how did they respond? They responded by weeping, mourning, putting on sackcloth and ashes and fasting. (Esther 4:1-3)

Joel 2:12-14 gives exactly that advice when faced with adversity. The chronology of the writing of these two books would seem to indicate that the people of Esther’s time had read the admonition in Joel.

In both Joel and Esther the calamity and destruction was “guaranteed” to occur. Right now, many just think that terrorists are being snuck into the USA with the 100,000 Syrian refuges whom this country has agreed to admit. It may be logical to assume that this will happen – that terrorists will sneak in among the refugees.

The logical reaction, the human reaction, the natural reaction to the refugees and to the recent attack in San Bernardino, California may be fear and worry. The logical, human, natural reaction may be anger and posting of angry memes on social media. The logical, human, natural reaction may be self-preservation. The logical, human, natural reaction may be saying “no, don’t let any of them in here.” The logical, human, natural reaction may be to arm myself and post memes on social media about the fact that Smith and Wesson protect me. 

But if I call myself a Christian (and I do); if I present myself to the world as a follower of Christ (and I do); then I had better stop and think about how the Bible tells me to react to real (or imagined) threats and danger.

How am I called to “fight back” if I think my country, my town or I myself am in danger? I find my instructions in the scriptures mentioned above and in Acts 3:19-20; Proverbs 25:21-22; and Romans 12:20-21:

  • Drop to my knees and repent so that God will have mercy on my nation, my town and me
  • Provide love to my enemy by providing for his needs

It isn’t logical. It isn’t natural. It doesn’t make sense from a human, self-preservation standpoint. But it is how I see these scriptures and telling me I’m called to do.

My brother, the atheist? He posted a meme on Facebook this morning that said the following:

“What to do if Syrian refuges relocate into your neighborhood: Bring them food, clothes, cooking utensils, hygiene items, books, toys or shoes. This is probably what they’ll need most – apart from your friendship. (You have a choice to be the Samaritan or some other guy. Don’t be the other guy – he’s not the hero of the story.)”

Yep, an atheist and Beth Moore walk into the scriptures… and convict me. 

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